We are experts in integrations

We are contacted by companies looking for a tool or application for a specific purpose (e.g. business management, project management, telecommunication, customer support) and who want advice on selecting the right solution, implementation and training.

In our company DÁVÁME we have gone through hundreds and hundreds of different applications. We'll be happy to advise you which one is right for you. There is an app for every need today.

We advise:

What features do you need
Which apps to consider
What it means to introduce one to your business
Consider possible connections to your current systems
We will tell you the final price of the application
It's then up to you whether or not you choose the tool you want. You don't pay us anything for the first advice.

Connecting you CRM with other platforms

Connect Pipedrive to hundreds of apps
For example to your accounting system, bank or even your contract builder. 
You can also connect this CRM to your own systems if they support third-party system connections (e.g. via API, XML import, CSV and other methods)

Two-way sync of systems

The bigger the company, the more complicated the processes. The audit will look at:

how current processes work (if they exist, otherwise we will design them)
what applications and how your employees use them
whether processes can be simplified through digitisation and automation
how to set it all up to increase efficiency and reduce bureaucracy
The whole audit takes 1-3 weeks and results in recommendations on how to proceed, including suggesting people/companies to help you.

Supporting 5000+ apps

We have helped tens of small and medium-sized companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to our modern approach, we have delivered solutions within weeks, not months or years. And all without a single line of programming. In addition, each solution is ready for rapid future business growth with simple modifications possible.

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